Thursday, 4 October 2012

{Thriving this Winter} Day 4: Collect

So its been 4 days of posts and I am feeling a little more "fallish" right now. Outside we can see the beautiful colours of autumn and thanksgiving turkey is cooking away. So how can I be talking about winter?

Well this series is all about being prepared for winter, even though lots of these things can be done during the fall, or even in the spring or summer. We're just spending a bit of time this season getting ready for the next.

I don't know why it is, but for some reason the winter is the most "scheduled" season for me. I try to squeeze the most in, I join new things and usually those things come with schedules and routines.

I also find that in the winter I am at my house more, so I do more nesting than in the summer, so I try to get things done around the house, do more baking and freezer cooking and just plain come up with more ideas. Today I want to show you my home binder system that I am currently using so I made a little video.

Finding a place to store all these bits of paper that I make, others give and come in the mail is a perpetual project that I am always working on and tweaking, but I have found that the most important thing with papers is to have designated collection. Having bits of paper all over, in different areas quickly leads to frantic searches, so trying to steamline  and keep as much as I can in one place helps me.

Some of the printables for my binder are found in this post, and I talk about how I use my computer as a home binder in this post. Other than my school books I don't have paper stored (on purpose) anywhere else. Just 3 possible places makes things easier, and makes actually putting away and retrieving my papers simpler.

Home Binder Video from Robyn MacLaine on Vimeo.

Hope that gave you a bit of inspiration. All of my printables were made by me using Pages for Mac, with the exception of one. I think it is better to let others make up their own printables, so that they can customize them. But, if you really want to use something pre-made, you can check out my home binder board!

Do you have a home binder or plans to make one? Share below!


  1. Awesome video! I think maybe that you should have become a teacher??