Saturday, 27 October 2012

{Thriving this Winter} Day 27: Cozy

Note: This is a guest post from Prince Charming because Robyn is sick today! Everyone make him feel welcome. 

I should say that I am writing this blog because my poor wife is fast asleep beside me. I want to make sure she completes her goal of one blog a day for this month. Today's thriving this winter post is about creating the worlds greatest reading corner.

I should start by outlining some of the finer features of a reading corner to answer the question, what makes a great reading corner? Great question imaginary reader in my head. Here are some things to make your reading corner the coziest of all.

First you need books. Yes, I know that is rather obvious sounding but if you keep your books in a different place than your reading corner then how would you ever read there? The library of fine literary material that you surround yourself with will undoubtedly inspire you to delve into a good book.

The next thing you need is good light. This is to give you the best ability to read. If you can't see the words on the page reading won't be any fun. It is important to not be too bright or it will feel cold. Nothing says cozy like stage lighting. But contrarily you can't get into a book if your eyes want to evacuate your head.

Clearly the next item for a great reading corner would be a comfy chair. Again, seems rather obvious. But a good reading chair should be able to be sat in a variety of ways. Sitting one way only can lead to getting stiff just when the book is getting good.

Now that your comfy, now you must keep warm. Blankets are synonymous with coziness. A great blanket allows you to keep warm on cold winter days.

To complement the chair you need to keep well hydrated. The perfect reading corner must have a great spot to put your tea. Far enough not to be in the way and not too far that you forget it until the tea gets cold. No one is happy about cold tea.

There now you are all set. Put these things together and you will have yourself a fantastic reading corner. Happy reading!


  1. You make me want to pick up a book and start reading. Good job!