Monday, 1 October 2012

{Thriving this Winter} Day 1: Pattern

Each October the Nester has done a "31 Days of" blog series. This will be her third year, and she is again inviting others to join in the fun. Many of my favourite blogs were found through these posts, and they helped me to learn and start my own blog.

So this year I am taking the plunge and doing my own 31 days of posts!

The first step in doing a series like this is to figure out what your posts are going to be about. So I have decided to call mine.....

(As an aside this button makes me so happy!)

Thriving in winter is sometimes hard, because the weather is very limiting and sometimes life just seems harder than it is in the summer. It seems like more is thrown onto our plates and we expect more of ourselves. The holidays require a lot of energy and often result in disappointments. So this series is all about small things we can do now to get ourselves ready for a great winter. I'm no expert, and a lot of this is just me musing on different topics, but hopefully as I figure out what works for me, maybe someone else can find something or realize something themselves. 

For me, thriving is all about about savouring the small and large things, intentionally crafting experiences and spaces to enjoy real life and relishing the craziness that gets thrown at you. It is about spending time now, thinking about how you want to spending time in December and January. Ultimately it is about listening to yourself, not blogs and pinterest, about how it is you want to live during this season. I hope that through this month I will be able to learn more about how to do this and how to practice contentedness in what comes about. 

One of the things that I find so helpful in each season of life is to follow a pattern for my days. This is, so far, the most lasting "routine" I have been able to find. Each day I just think about these areas more, and do more work in these areas. I am not bound to these, but I do often save certain tasks for a more appropriate day. These days help me plan my life, and fit a little bit more in. So here is how my pattern goes:
  • Monday - planning
  • Tuuesday - food
  • Wednesday - home
  • Thursday - office/blogging
  • Friday - health/errands
  • Saturday - fun
  • Sunday - soul

As I get ready for winter I will be following this pattern. I hope that you will join me in my journey, and maybe you have time to spend with others and hear and share in what they are offering. Check out all the bloggers here, and the woman who started it, The Nester, here!

Are any of you doing your own 31 days? Do you follow a pattern for your days? Please comment below!


  1. I feel cold already.

  2. I was looking at the weather for Edmonton this week, and apparently there is supposed to be rainy snow on the day we arrive. Winter comes fast there!

  3. Oh yeah! You better buckle up and get ready for all the snow, snow, snow you can handle!