Wednesday, 3 October 2012

{Thriving this Winter} Day 3: Liveable

Can I tell you something?

I hate, Hate, HATE, cleaning my house. I even hate the idea of using something and then putting it away. I relish in throwing my things around and making large messes. There is nothing better than the feeling of throwing down your bag, ripping off your clothes and flinging them whichever way they fall after a long day.

So..... this presents a conundrum. Because after about 4 days of this kind of behaviour I start having another problem.

I hate, Hate, HATE having a messy house that you can't live in.

(i just love that grey bar in there.... don't look too close :))

So here is what I try, and attempt to do on a semi-regular basis to combat the two alternate lives I lead.

15 minutes blitzes. And yes that word totally comes from the German's in World War 2 doing a blitzkrieg. Thank-you history-teaching father.

Basically after dinner call out a "blitz" and everyone in your house mows down the mess. Your house won't know what hit it, in a good way.

When we do this I usually hit the bathroom, then the bedroom and then we end in the living room. Charming hits the kitchen.

This is not the time to start reorganizing closets or deep cleaning the rugs. Tidy it up, move it to where it belongs, straighten things out. Make it liveable. 

And then in 15 minutes, (or however long your energy lasts) you can stop. And relax. And live.

PS - do not be fooled by anyone "going to the bathroom". They are taking a book.

Do you have any secrets to making your space liveable? Please comment below!


  1. Hi Robyn!

    I really appreciate this series. It's not quite winter where I am yet, but I always get a little nervous when the weather cools about the "winter blues." Cleaning the house is crucial! (And an actually feasible method of cleaning is even more crucial!). Spending more time indoors makes me see piles and cluttered spaces I haven't noticed in a while. Thanks for your thoughts!