Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Day 9 - Keep it simple

Once you've finished your family favourite meals list, and made your weekly menu plan, and then made your shopping list, you would think that's all the lists you could need right?

But before we talk about that, we need to get back to the idea of simple.

That sounds like a lot of lists right? To a list person, making lots of lists isn't a problem. In fact, more lists makes me feel more secure and prepared. It makes me calm. Making sure the lists get kept in a useful order, don't have to have a lot of repeats, and are actually useful, can be a problem, so I have to keep only the lists that are actually useful, and keep them in order. And if you aren't a list person, 3 lists seems like tons. It just overcomplicates the whole matter.

You need to find your way to the sweet spot. 

You are the only one who can figure out your comfort level. The space where you feel prepared for the week, confident that you haven't forgotten something that will cause frustration later, and didn't feel like you were locked in a dungeon all afternoon writing lines.

In it's simplest form a menu plan is just a list of things you will cook, and an accompanying list of things you need to buy. Get to your sweet spot, and you will be hooked on menu planning. (But not phonics... you may have missed your chance!)

This figuring out might take a bit of time, but keeping with it, and keeping on working on it, will help, especially in busier and harder times in life. If you are in a season of abundance, you might not feel motivated to work on improving your household systems, but if you are in a season of leanness you have all the motivation, but maybe not the ability to work on this (time, energy, etc.). Just work on things to your own ability, and within your own strengths. Menu planning shouldn't become another area in which we constantly feel insufficient.

So do what works for you. And that is all. And that is everything you need. 


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