Sunday, 6 October 2013

Day 6 - Stretch yo-self!

Ok... so today was supposed to be a blog post about grocery shopping. But instead I am going out to dinner with my sister and then taking a long shower and falling asleep. It's been a loooong weekend.

So... instead let's talk about flexibility. And why is it the central skill of a meal planning.

You see, food is important for basically two reasons on most nights, sustenance and nutrition. You gotta eat, and hopefully it won't be bad for your health. But there is another important reason that we eat... community. We share the table, because the table is where we often let down our guard and really listen to each other. Gathering around shared food actually is a strong bond, that creates trust.

Often, we are invited to dinner, or realize it would be a great time to have dinner with friends at the last moment. Sometimes we just decide to go out to dinner by ourselves on a whim. Or we are struck by a sudden craving.

Sharing food is what makes food fun and exciting. It is no longer just sustenance, it is celebration and life. It is rich, and deep and important.

So make meal plans, because they add flexibility to your life and allow for more of the excitement. See them as the preparedness guide. Basically if nothing better comes up today, then we will have the menu plan for dinner.

It's also kind of awesome to know that you were already going to make a big pot of chili the day you find our your high school best friend has arrived in town and would love to catch up. No searching all over the inter-web, finding a recipe that you have to go to two stores for, plus the liqour store (obviously), and then come home, make all the food and clean the whole house. You're not going to want to really be engaged after that, you are going to want a nap!

If you are someone who struggles with wanting to control life (hi me!) this idea of flexibility is hard. The whole point of a list is so that we are in control right? Well... maybe start slow, and be gentle with yourself. But stretch. Say yes more, and strive for perfection less.

So make menu plans in pencil, because you never know when life will come up. 


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