Thursday, 16 August 2012

How having a mouse can improve your life

We have a mouse in the house.

We saw it for the first time Thursday, then on Saturday morning and again Monday morning.

We have stuffed every single hole we can find with steel wool, we currently have 9 traps out of 3 different varieties and we have re-cleaned out, put in containers and labelled all our food. We have even cleaned out several closets.

We hope that the mouse has gone, since we haven't caught anything yet. But we are still on the lookout.

But this isn't what the mouse has done that is good for us. No,  the mouse has made us talk to people.

I have talked to many many people at work. I have talked to my landlord and neighbours. I have talked to all of my family members various times. I have opened up a bit about our life, and now we have a connection.

I have also learned that some things that you are afraid of simply have to be gotten over. I have to get over my crazy fear of mice and talking to people has helped with this a lot. People give far better advice than the internet too.

So the next time something horrible happens in your life remember that there may be great things that happen as a result of the terror and you will probably grow as a person. Open yourself up, to new ideas and people. See what can happen.

Isn't that great to remember?


  1. Good advice! Sometimes it is hard to share with strangers but if you do they won't be strangers for long.