Thursday, 6 October 2011

In progress goals

This week has been very busy.

We have learned that nothing in Alberta makes sense to us or them. We have learned that Alberta is all about rules, but rarely has the infrastructure to support these rules. Right now I am not a huge fan of Alberta. Our week has been about trying to finish up final moving items and me doing a lot towards the employment situation. No goals got actually accomplished, but we are making progress on some of our larger goals. This is still pretty great and Alberta has a pretty autumn.

This weekend is also Thanksgiving! I will be doing a big turkey dinner, which is going to be my big fancy dinner! Hopefully there will be lots of great pictures in my post about that.

So until then, remember to give yourself time off between accomplishing your goals. Maybe you can spend some time finding more goals by reading other blogs!

The Nester over at Nesting Place has been doing a 31 Days Series challenge on her blog. I think around 700 different blogs are participating in this with many different topics. Click here if you want to check out all the topics. Here are the ones that I am reading and enjoying. 

My Life as Prose: 31 Days to make your rental a home. So applicable!

The Complete Guide to Imperfect Housemaking: 31 Days to Organized. This one is my favourite so far!

Thinking about Home: 31 Days to make a House a Home. I loved today's post about Sound. All too often my house is full of cold silence or a blaring TV. Time for some nice music. 

Green Willow Pond: 31 days to Slash Your Budget Painlessly. So far a round-up of easy and interesting tips to help save money. I already do one! But I would love to make my own laundry soap.....

Everday Ordinary Dawnings: 31 days to Build a Better marriage. Very wise words. 

And of course Nesting Place: 31 days of Lovely Limitations. The blog that started it all. Also check out her past 2 years of 31 days. They are really fantastic. 

I hope you enjoy!


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