Thursday, 9 August 2012

Goal 76. Make your own preserves (the easy way!)

Did you guys know that its already August?! This summer has gone by so fast! I am sad to say that we haven't really done a lot of the things that I love about summer, and have spent a lot of time on pinterest inside the house.

So I decided to do something summery and make some preserves! But I am cheap and a little bit lazy. Plus we are on a sugar-free diet, so making a whole bunch of super sugary jam didn't seem like a good idea. Actually I have found that there is a brand of pectin that requires much less sugar, but it has to be ordered off the internet and I didn't want to miss great fruit deals. So instead of actual canning, I decided to freeze instead!

I found the instructions here and peeled, chopped and bagged the 20 peaches I got at Superstore. There were a few small brown bits that I had to cut out, but really not that many. Then after I put them in bags (I did 1 cup per bag, roughly) I poured in a bit of apple juice to cover and then sucked out excess air with a straw! (Actually the straw part was probably the hardest). It took about 2 hours and I got to enjoy Downton Abbey while doing it. No standing over a boiling canner = Great!

I also want to tell you that if you like to freeze stuff, or do freezer cooking, keep your eyes peeled for "freezer tape". It is specially designed to resist the moisture in the freezer and you can use a regular sharpie, but it will actually stay on! I found mine in Wholesale Sports near all the hunt preserving gear. Apparently making sausage should be in my future! Yay!

Here are my ideas for how we will enjoy these peaches.

  • in smoothies. We tried the "flat tummy" one today!
  • in yogurt, with cinnamon sprinkled on top
  • over oatmeal, again with cinnamon
  • with ice cream (but mostly fruit with ice cream, not the other way)
  • in fruit salad 
  • by itself!
I am tempted to try my hand at making cucumber pickles, but I will have to wait for a bit more time and a little more courage!

Any other ways you like to enjoy frozen fruit? Are you doing any preserving this year?


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