Friday, 16 November 2012

Goal 71: Floss everyday for 1 month - the Challenge

Today was a very full day and I am now tired. Also, this post is a day late because I have totally been waiting to finish a goal and now have just realized that I have failed and missed the date, so thus needed to pick another topic.

So I got a new one as a result of my very-tiring-day!

I need to start flossing. This morning as I sat cringing while my dental hygienist bounced some kind of drill off my gums, and told me that this wouldn't hurt so much or take so long if I flossed I decided that she was right. Walking out of the dentist office with a bloody smile kind of takes off the allure of fresh pearly whites.

And then I made this chart for us and tomorrow we will getting stickers! Sometimes the old school methods are the best. And in this case I need some accountability.

And then I spent the rest of the day christmas shopping! I am 81% finished already! (And since tonight will be filled with Stats homework, you can rest assured that that is an accurate statistic :) )

If you need a bit of help getting organized for christmas check out this post!

Maybe some of you will realize you need to floss as well and want a fancy chart for yourself. If so shoot me an email at or comment below!